Geneva Motor Show Hosts Global Debut of Two Hyundai Models

At this year's Geneva International Motor Show, two new Hyundai vehicles were introduced to the world at large . The i30 family of vehicles had a new body shape added with the introduction of the new i30 wagon, while show goers received a glimpse at the next generation fuel cell vehicle that Hyundai will launch in 2018 when the hydrogen-powered Future Eco (FE) Fuel Cell Concept was rolled out.

The i30 Wagon bears clear resemblance to the design nuances of its five-door relative, but adds a cargo capacity that more than doubles when you fold the rear seats. Full-LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights clearly light your way, while the wagon is able to pull off a coupe-like appearance thanks to smooth, forceful lines.

The FE Fuel Cell Concept delivers a driving range just shy of 500 miles before it requires a refueling, and showcases Hyundai's next step in the company's progress towards its eventual goal of developing a zero-emission Hydrogen Energy Society.

Hyundai also exhibited the Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid at the show, giving attendees a look at the new vehicle that teams with the Ioniq Hybrid and Ioniq Electric models in the roster of Ioniq electrified powertrain vehicles.

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